BUMBATIRA AMAHORO PROJECT “Engaging Youth Leaders to Prevent Conflict in Burundi”

Violent acts committed by political party youth groups threaten the holding of peaceful elections in 2015. CEDAC  and Action on Armed Violence AOAV under support of US Departement of State   propose to work with 1,800 political party youth leaders and ex-combatants in 20 communes , in BUJUMBURA MAIRIE ,BUJUMBURA RURAL , BUBANZA , NGOZI and GITEGA  that are hotspots of violence or were in 2010, in order to reduce their willingness to commit violence.

Ex-combatants were involved in the spreading of violence in 2010 and are particularly at-risk of manipulation, and will therefore receive particular attention. Using a holistic approach combining social and economic aspects, the project builds relationships and trust, teaches tools for conflict resolution, and creates spaces for dialogue and mediation of conflict, while also targeting the root causes of vulnerability and conflict by helping youth start income-generating activities (IGAs).

Multi-party savings group will be the backbone of the project, and will become spaces for discussion and the setting of trainings in conflict resolution and entrepreneurship. Multi-party Youth Peace and Mediation Committees will prevent and de-escalate local conflicts involving youth, and fight rumors and impunity. Interactive radio shows from the field will share success stories and give youth a voice, in addition to radio spots appealing for calm around the polls and in reaction to events on the ground.

By increasing youth resilience and independence, these activities will reduce youth vulnerability to manipulation, decreasing their involvement in election related violence. The project will be implemented in close collaboration with the OmbudsmanOffice, who has approved the project. 

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