The Meeting in Phoenix on November 12

          Meeting started by an introduction for each one of them. Eric told them what CEDAC means and its work in Burundi. As he said, CEDAC is a nonprofit organization working in armed violence reduction and victim assistance. He explained that many campaign against illegal arms were organized in Burundi and CEDAC participated in different UN meeting on arms in New York.  

The victim assistance program consists on empowering conditions of life of victims in:

-Economic reintegration, psychosocial support by using peer to peer support and Gender based violence He ended his speech by saying that CEDAC is starting ambassadorial program around the world with two main objectives:

.Expend CEDAC program and assist local communities by providing services that are specifically needed to a particular community

.Get People to know CEDAC and get them involve in one of the following ways:

.By being a volunteer, friend or supporter of CEDAC

By being a donor

.By being a partner or design programs in partnership with CEDAC

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