Mr. Niragira, the Founder and Legal Representative of CEDAC Visits America

It was 30 October, 2013 when the legal representative of CEDAC flew to the United States of America.

The CEDAC’s Ambassador in the United States of America, a Mr. Edward Hakizimana invited Mr. Eric Niragira to participate in a series of events. The conferences were for advocacy and the lobbying of funds for projects to assist vulnerable victims of conflict in Africa. The events were held in Tucson and Phoenix, both major cities in the state of Arizona, America.

The presence of Mr. Niragira (the founding member for CEDAC), his active participation in the activities has helped to motivate stakeholders who want to assist in the peace-building process. It is noted that Mr. Niragira has already had meetings with the African community in Tucson. This has included the Archdiocese, Ronald McDonald House Foundation and representatives from the Protestant church.

We involved with CEDAC are excited to announce that Mr. Niragira has returned to America for another round of talks. In short, we hope that the process results in a positive outcome. This will of course have a positive impact on our organization and especially on beneficiaries, namely the victims of the civil war.

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