The Official Launch for the Construction of a Vocational Training Center in Kanerwa

This is the official launching ceremony of the project for the construction of a vocational training center in Kanerwa. The project led by CEDAC with the support of Terra Renaissance, a Japanese non-governmental organisation. The project will contribute to future job-creation under the guidelines of Vision 2025 in Burundi.

The Kanerwa hill is located in the Kanerwa, Muramvya Common, Kiganda, Zone Kiganda. The center will provide ex-combatants and other conflict-affected populations with a variety of vocational training.

The event began with a speech by the Administrator of the Kiganda Commune, followed by a representative from the Minister of Solidarity. Mr. Niragira, CEDAC’s representative, thanked members of Terra Renaissance and Mrs. Tosha for their material and moral support necessitating the building of the center. Mr. Niragira continued by thanking all those who participated in this event, beginning with the natives of the town Kiganda and Kanerwa hill. He reaffirmed his commitment to continue to seek supporters for this initiative. 



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