CEDAC Celebrates its 7th Anniversary

On the 4 November, CEDAC celebrated its 7th Anniversary in an event attended by staff, founding members and other supporters of CEDAC.

Mr. Niragira, founder and executive director of CEDAC, reflected on the past seven years that had been filled with both challenges and much success. He expressed his thanks to the people who have supported his dream right from the first day to the present moment.

Certificates were given out to key staff and founding members of CEDAC as a symbol to honour their dedication to making CEDAC the organisation it is today. Each staff member was invited to present themselves and share a few words about their part in CEDAC and their hopes for the future.

CEDAC´s 7th birthday celebration was also an opportunity to publicly thank CEDAC´s staff for all their energy and commitment. It is they who make CEDAC´s dream a reality of promoting peace and reconciliation in communities devastated by conflict.

CEDAC is also deeply grateful to all the support it receives from its local, national and international partners including: Action on Armed Violence; UNDP; American Friends Service Committee and Center for International Stabilization and Recovery who enable CEDAC to provide its services to survivors of armed conflict. .



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