Japan Project : Strengthening Community Resilience through Promoting Employment for Youth at Risk

CEDAC in partnership with UNDP and WORLD VISION INTERNATIONAL has been working for nearly a year on the project: Strengthening Community Resilience through Promoting Employment for Youth at Risk (Japan Project  ) in the Nyakabiga, Gihosha, Buterere Zones in the Bujumbura city . These areas are reported to have been violent protests after the CNDD-FDD party introduced President Pierre NKURUNZIZA as a candidate for the 2015 elections, a third term that some judges  illegal and others  legal according to their political affiliations.
This project intervenes to contribute to the consolidation of peace and social cohesion by supporting young people affected by the crisis for their reintegration into the economic and social life, 308 young people from the areas hit by the current crisis are accessing employment through the improvement of community infrastructures and implement small income-generating initiatives with community interests. At least 308 temporary job opportunities are created for young people affected by the current crisis with at least 50% of jobs created for girls. This project mobilizes young people affected by the current financial crisis (50% girls) in their savings group / IGA and their communities for their participation in social cohesion activities
The  beneficiaries of project receive training on income-generating activities, the elaboration of business plans and the design and implementation of a micro project, support for their income-generating initiatives and monitoring of the group's performance. Savings and loans, facilitating the connection between

savings groups and microfinance institutions and supporting them to register legally. Twelve Community savings and loan groups are created, structured, formulated in micro-project formulation and legally recognized and about twelve IGA micro-projects are formulated and approved. At least 240 young people affected by the crisis are sensitized on social cohesion, peace and development and implement actions for the promotion of peace and community safety
Implementation of the program for the promotion of social cohesion and peace, and the promotion of gender equality through the realization of community sensitizations, social and community events (theaters, sports meetings) bringing together community members, young people affected by the current crisis are strengthened in their leadership capacities and in social cohesion, community security and peace promotion.

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