Under the patronage of His Excellency the Ombudsman of the Republic of Burundi, CEDAC in partnership with AOAV officially launch project "Engaging of youth leaders to prevent conflict in Burundi" Friday, April 10, 2015.  Royal Palace Hotel Bujumbura

In his s welcoming speech the Founder & President of the training Centre for Development of Ex-Combatants (CEDAC acronym) made a brief description of the organization to partners, various guests and participants. Founded in 2005 to support the ex-combatants and other victims of armed violence to reintegrate into communities, CEDAC is a non-profit, apolitical organization.

He added that the project launched officially goes into the vast program of reduction of the armed violence started by CEDAC since its creation in 2005.. Awareness campaigns in the fight against small arms were held by the organization itself with collecting a sufficient number of weapons and munitions  and this in partnership with the National Commission civil disarmament and UNDP.

He underlined that CEDAC participated in the organization of the campaigns  of advocacy  for the ratification of the international treaties among which the Declaration of Geneva and the International Treaty on  Arm Trade Treaty , the international convention on Cluster munitions with the support of the partners for the UNDP, AOAV, Control Arms and Mines Action  Canada

Aware of the strength of the youth in the fight against armed violence and having found that it is this same youth that is often manipulated and used in most of the countries in conflict, CEDAC in partnership with Search for Common Ground is being a project inviting youth to adopt responsible behavior before, during and after the elections.

He took this opportunity to launch a pressing appeal to the youth to avoid any act to use the violence as way of solution to the problems while asking politicians to focus on the writing and publication of their projects policies that respond to the aspirations of the people. He asked the international community to continue to support this important phase in the life of the country. He ended his speech by once again thanking the Government of Burundi through the Office of the OMBUDSMAN for the patronage of the activity itself, the US Government for the financial support and everyone for taking the time to increase their presence in these ceremonies.

Remember also that the Project is in the process to be executed in the Commons at risk, mainly those most affected by tension and violence during the election period in 2010, which are the communes of  Isale , Mutimbuzi, Kabezi Kanyosha in Bujumbura Rural Province; the communes of  Kinama, Kamenge Buterere Musaga, Cibitoke Bujumbura  city; the  communes of Gihanga  Rugazi, Mpanda, Bubanza in Bubanza Province; the communes of  Mwumba, Ngozi, Kiremba in Ngozi Province and in the end the communes of  Bugendana Giheta, Gitega, Mutaho in Gitega Province.

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