Founder biography

Meanwhile, our first operation has been achieved here at Bujumbura where many munitions have been officially retired by our beneficiary members of the town.  Feeling the necessity to spread this initiative to the national level, we tried to know if all ex-combatants of the countryside could share with us in this experience.  We soon collected positive echoes in all provinces of Burundi.

What created in my mind a surprise was to understand how people from various army movements who had different political opinions during the war could work together with energy to achieve the goals of CEDAC.

Eric (second from left) during the campaign against armed violence in Burundi.

What my reader should know is that all these works were achieved in a voluntary manner.  This gave us an opportunity to be in contact with important dignitaries to start with, such as His Excellence President of Republic of Burundi Peter Nkurunziza who congratulated us on our initiative to sensitize against armed violence and light weapon in Burundi.  My mood started to change positively when I noticed that I can start something appreciated in such high level as the President of the Republic.

During our work, I had the opportunity to be in contact with many local association and Non Governmental Organisations operating in Burundi with some possibilities to look for funding.  What was very deep to me was when I noticed that others who had passed in similarly bad situations were glad to join me in support.  I was further impressed to receive messages of congratulations from some donors like UNDP and other decision makers in Burundi.

European activists working for Small Arms Survey Geneva during the campaign.

With the evolution of activities of CEDAC, I felt that the creation of an organization that could act as a framework of expression for African ex-combatants.  A researcher of the Small Arms Survey (institute of research on small arms and light weapons, based to Geneva), with whom I had shared the idea in 2006 during a mission of research that I especially led with this organization on the disarmament in Burundi, congratulated me on this highly ambitious idea.


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