Founder biography

It could be an opportunity for helping ex-combatants in social and economic reintegration and offer assistance to all who were victims of war in Burundi.  Finally, I wanted ex-combatants to be an example of peacebuilding and development in Burundi as a model around the world.

I shared the information with our friend ex-combatants who finally accepted to join me in this initiative.  I also discovered that there were other people that thought the same way as me.  Among these people was Colonel Aloys Sindayihebura.  He gave me the advice I needed.  I chose a team of nine people including the colonel and we agreed in 2005.on the creation of the Training Centre for Development of Ex-Combatants.  “CEDAC” is its French acronym

Created in September 2005, the main objective was to show to the national and international community that civil disarmament was possible, in spite of a reticence on behalf of many people who thought that this was not the right time.  We agreed on the principle that: No one can construct a country where bombs, grenades, and weapons are still rumbling forever.  We chose disarmament as our first activity.

Because of my past, remembering the civilians killed, ex-combatants who lost their lives and others who were disabled, women raped, and kids who were orphans because of these weapons, I believed strongly that disarmament was a prerequisite.

I believed we would reach our goal when peace and security reigned in Burundi. My goal was to have ex-combatants show a good example by fighting against weapons and armed violence.  Then I thought, civilians will join us in the initiative and our nation will be in peace, allowing other projects of development to be realised.


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