Founder biography

What I hope to impart through this piece is the central point of my ideas formed around my existence, more particularly my survival during the time of war in Burundi which impacted not only my own personality but, in retrospect, the world.  My central idea was to develop one specific way to positively change the world: the creation of the Training Centre for Development of Ex-Combatants (CEDAC).

As I present lectures around the world, many people wonder how this initiative came to be and how its mission could favour humanity?  To answer the numerous questions of my interlocutors, I attempt here to make a historic receding of events that have marked my life – and changed my way to act.

My childhood was not unlike the one of others, especially as to this period when I had my parents.  They had forced me to go to school, and I went without understanding the importance of education at all.  In 1993, in the 14th year of my existence, the crisis occurred that had just carried away our nation’s first elected president.

In Burundi there are two main ethnics groups, Hutu and Tutsi, composing nearly all of our population.  The third group, the Twa, represent the minority.  In my surrounding social environment, some Hutus who were in majority in some regions killed Tutsis.  In other places, where Tutsis were the most numerous, it was the Hutus who were killed.  The army at that time was mostly comprised of Tutsis and the soldiers who restored order were used to slaughter many innocent Hutus.


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