Founder biography

My name is Eric Niragira.  I am a Burundian from Kiganda Commune in Muramvya Province. I have lived my whole life in Burundi, completing secondary school in 2002 and graduating from university in 2011.


The following will provide a description of who I am, and how the war in Burundi affected my life, in particular as someone who has witnessed gross atrocities and survived.  As a result of these life experiences I wanted to make a positive effort to change the world.  This is my story as it relates to the creation of (CEDAC).What I am about to describe are only a minimum number of events and life experiences that have obliged me to make the decisions I have in consideration of our common humanity.  May each one of you who read this message find an auspicious opportunity to change your own behaviour and turn your focus towards bettering our world.

As said above,we are living still in Burundi, where I studied at ISGM University, focusing on management at the Technical Sciences of Development Faculty.

Ex-child soldier Eric Niragira, a Burundian-born Hutu, founded the
Training Centre for Development of Ex-Combatants (CEDAC).


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