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The Official Launch for the Construction of a Vocational Training Center in Kanerwa

This is the official launching ceremony of the project for the construction of a vocational training center in Kanerwa. The project led by CEDAC with the support of Terra Renaissance, a Japanese non-governmental organisation. The project will contribute to future job-creation under the guidelines of Vision 2025 in Burundi.

The Kanerwa hill is located in the Kanerwa, Muramvya Common, Kiganda, Zone Kiganda. The center will provide ex-combatants and other conflict-affected populations with a variety of vocational training.

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Mobilizing Burundian Youth for Peaceful Elections in 2015

In partnership with USAID, Collectif pour la Promotion des Association des Jeunes (CPAJ), and Search for Common Ground (SFCG) CEDAC have commenced a two year project preparing youth for peaceful elections in 2015. This long-term project aims at strengthening the capacity of youth in resisting political manipulation and violence in the lead up to the 2015.

In 2010, elections were marred by accusations of intimidation, political violence and ultimately an opposition party boycott that handed the ruling party a virtual monopoly on power. The current absence of political dialogue, the deteriorating economic situation and an environment of ongoing insecurity have left Burundian youth feeling marginalized and vulnerable. This vulnerability leaves youth open to political manipulation and recruitment into armed groups.

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Trauma Healing Specialist visits CEDAC´s Peer to Peer Support project in Muramvya

Survivors of the armed violence in the communes of Bukeye and Mbuye have been benefiting from psychosocial support since August 2012. The two communes are located in the northern province of Muramvya and were highly affected by the war due to their proximity to the Kibira National Reserve which was used as a base by rebel groups.  CEDAC seeks to heal the scars in this region through its peer support work scheme, generously supported by Action On Armed Violence (AOAV) and the Center for International Stabilization and Recovery (CISR).

A 2 days-visit was held from the 2 to 4 October 2012. The purpose of the excursion was to assess the competence of peer support workers and guide them where they were facing difficulties. The team was made up of Mr. Macauley CISR trauma recovery expert along with the operations coordinator, supervisor and the communal administrator.  During the field work, 12 peer support workers (6 in each commune) were visited and evaluated at survivor’s homes.

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Workshop on Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Participants in the workshop on the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

In the “community building” section of CEDAC´s project, supported by American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), 29 community representatives from the provinces of Gateri, Buterere, Rukaramu and Maramvya. In addition to members of CEDAC´s project partner, the Biraturaba Association participated in a training workshop on the Peaceful Resolution of Conflict from 4 to 6 December 2013 in Bujumbura.

The projects objective is to reinforce the community representatives and leaders capacity to resolve conflicts in places which have been deeply affected by war or have had an influx of refugees. The participants will be able to efficiently and peacefully manage disputes that threaten to break up families and/or communities in this post-conflict period. The community representatives have been able to acquire techniques and deepened their knowledge of using mediation.

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CEDAC Surveys the Impact of Armed Violence on Community Relations

In light of the recent take-over in Goma, in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), by the rebel group M23 and the continual rumours of opposition resurgence in Burundi, mistrust between the Congolese and Burundian communities on both side of the border has intensified. Adding further fuel to the fire is the increased cross border collaboration between rebel groups. For example, Front National pour la Revolution au Burundi (FNRB) has created a new alliance with the well organised M23. Consequently, any Congolese crossing the border is deemed to be facilitating the resurgence of armed violence in Burundi and Burundians crossing the border are suspected of illegally profiting from the DRC´s rich mineral resources; mistrust rather than cooperation is flourishing.

Responding to the escalating climate of mistrust, CEDAC with its international partners Action On Armed Violence (AOAV) and Search For Common Ground (SFCG) along with Vision GRAM – International (a local organisation in DRC) carried out a baseline survey in December.  This was done in conjunction with other activities to measure the impact of armed violence in the border communities and promote cross border cooperation.  In the four communities: Buganda and Rugombo in Burundi;  Sange and Ruvungi in the DRC. Two hundred participants were interviewed to gage their level of confidence in the ability of state agents to protect them; the general security context; and the impact of Armed Violence on their life/community. Further information was gathered through an additional 25 in depth interviews. 

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CEDAC Celebrates its 7th Anniversary

On the 4 November, CEDAC celebrated its 7th Anniversary in an event attended by staff, founding members and other supporters of CEDAC.

Mr. Niragira, founder and executive director of CEDAC, reflected on the past seven years that had been filled with both challenges and much success. He expressed his thanks to the people who have supported his dream right from the first day to the present moment.

Certificates were given out to key staff and founding members of CEDAC as a symbol to honour their dedication to making CEDAC the organisation it is today. Each staff member was invited to present themselves and share a few words about their part in CEDAC and their hopes for the future.

CEDAC´s 7th birthday celebration was also an opportunity to publicly thank CEDAC´s staff for all their energy and commitment. It is they who make CEDAC´s dream a reality of promoting peace and reconciliation in communities devastated by conflict.

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